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Looking for a fun way to get friends together AND acquire that youthful glow? Host a Cyro Facial Party! Invite your friends, make a night out of it. We will come to you and provide facials for all of your guests!
cryo facial
Cryo Facial Parties Now Available!
  • Reduces wrinkles, minimizes pores and tightens skin

  • Smooths out fine lines, reduces visible wrinkles

  • Calms inflamed acne, rosacea, and sun spots

  • Boosts Collagen production

  • Promotes blood circulation

  • Reduces puffiness and appearance of dark circles

  • Soothes Acne and Inflammation

  • Keeps skin radiant without becoming red, puffy, and inflamed
    like other facials

  • Treats oily, blemished, acne prone skin

  • Relaxes irritated skin

  • Shrinks and tightens your pores

  • Exfoliates the skin and stimulates new skin cells

  • Blood vessel constriction helps to even the skin tone and reduces puffiness around the eyes


2-4 PEOPLE: $40 per person

5 OR MORE PEOPLE: $30 per person

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